ExcelSense Brings Crystal Clear Vision to the Dirtiest Industrial Environments in a Compact and Cost-Effective Package

May 4, 2021
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VANCOUVER, CANADA May 4th (At CIM 2021-VIRTUAL CONVENTION) : ExcelSense Tech. is officially unveiling ToughEye-1700, a family of standalone uninterrupted self-cleaning cameras that maintain their clarity in the dustiest and muddiest mining applications for many years. ToughEye-1700, similar to the existing industry-leading self-cleaning cameras by ExcelSense Tech., does not require fluid refills or compressed air. Critically, for the first time this camera can be entirely powered by PoE+, allowing it to drop-in replace any existing IP camera without additional cable routing. The camera is dual output providing an analog feed in addition to a regular IP feed, making it a suitable replacement for any existing camera in the mining environment.

ToughEye-1700 is the result of continuous collection of direct feedback and input from end-users in the mining sector over the course of several years. Customers are asking for cameras, which are optimized for mobile equipment applications. This would mean that in addition to reliability, and image clarity, we need to ensure simplicity of integration on par with a regular camera, compactness and a cost that will make you question why not go with a self-cleaning camera. ToughEye-1700 checking all of those boxes, is an ideal choice for drills, haul trucks, tracked equipment, whether it is for situational awareness, remote-controlled or autonomous operation". Says Nima Nabavi, CEO of ExcelSense Tech.

Having been designed for autonomous and custom integration applications, the self-cleaning function of ToughEye-1700 can be initiated through network commands in addition to digital signals.

“Another innovative aspect of ToughEye-1700 is its ability to self-clean without blocking the view of the operator; this is quite useful as you can remotely configure it to follow a desired cleaning schedule without worrying about interfering with the operator’s view.” says Ian Bell, the Director of engineering at ExcelSense Tech. It is worth noting that the ability of ToughEye-1700 to be remotely configured through the same camera data connection is another step change in simplicity and convenience for the customers. Gone are programming cables or in-person configuration of the cameras. 

About ExcelSense Technologies Corp.:

ExcelSense Technologies designs and manufactures purpose-built, maintenance-free, self-cleaning optical sensors such as cameras and lidars for equipment situational awareness, machine vision, remote monitoring, and surveillance in dirty and harsh industrial environments. Unlike other cameras, ExcelSense’s patented and award-winning cameras effectively self-clean against abrasive dust, mud, oil, bitumen, potash, salt without requiring any fluid top-ups, compressed air or maintenance for many years. ExcelSense’s products are specifically designed for conditions where they are exposed to repeated contamination, severe weather, and high shock and vibration. ExcelSense ensures that industrial vision is no longer at the mercy of field conditions.


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