As agriculture becomes increasingly more efficient and automated, reliable remote monitoring becomes more crucial.

Examples of such applications include autonomous combines, robotic tractors, and grain silo monitoring.

While cameras are the obvious tool for this purpose, the high levels of dust, mud and water splashes will lead to added upkeep effort and interruptions to the availability of the view, which neutralize some of the benefits of automation.  

Our ToughEye™ family of cameras, using their patented active self-cleaning technology, are effective against mud, dust, and fertilizers without requiring water, fluid top ups, or air compressors.

Autonomous/Remote-Controlled Combines

  • With ToughEye™, your monitoring system remains unaffected regardless of how wet, muddy or dusty the field is

  • Ensure a crystal clear remote view so you can monitor the chop quality and counter knife position without adding any maintenance and cleaning effort

Ready for crystal-clear, constant vision of your operations With no required upkeep?