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ExcelSense Technologies designs and manufactures purpose-built,  maintenance-free, self-cleaning optical sensors such as cameras, lidars, and photoeyes for machine vision, surveillance and process monitoring in dirty and harsh industrial environments. Our products are specifically designed for conditions where they are exposed to repeated contamination, temperature variations and weather elements. Our goal is to help our customers extend the reach of industrial vision past the barriers of harsh conditions, often found in heavy industrial applications.  


Design and Manufacture in a Modern Facility in Canada
Nima Nabavi, P.Eng, M.Eng, Founder and CEO

Nima Nabavi comes with many years of experience in both hardware and software design of machine vision systems for open-pit mining and oil industries. His experience on the consumer side of industrial cameras gives him valuable insight to eliminate the common headaches for the vision system manufacturers and the end users.


Experiencing first hand, how well-designed systems can be affected by inconsistent maintenance and observing the difficulty of performing maintenance against the production schedules, he set to aim the focus of ExcelSense Tech to developing robust maintenance-free optics for the dirtiest and harshest environments.

About Us



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