Construction equipment operates in some of the most challenging environments as they are constantly exposed to vibration, dust, and mud. These challenges prevent equipment and processes to be adequately monitored, leading to reduced safety and efficiency.

ToughEye™ cameras, with our patented self-cleaning technology, provide consistently clear views regardless of the level of dust, mud, grease, without requiring fluid top ups or any kind of regular upkeep. They are also specially designed to withstand the abuse and impact expected at construction sites.

The consistently clear vision increases productivity and reduces asset loss by spotting process abnormalities before downtime and equipment damage occurs.

ToughEye™ cameras also help you eliminate the interruption associated with cleaning or servicing cameras, plus they elevate safety by eliminating blind spots of large equipment.

Roads and Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitoring roads, especially outside of populated areas, requires cameras positioned in remote locations. Cleaning and maintaining these cameras can be costly, with some being incredibly hard and dangerous to access. With ToughEye™, you can:

  • Eliminate the need for personnel dispatch which can be dangerous, costly, and incur long travel times

  • Maintain a crystal-clear image even when exposed to salt crystallization, debris, oil, and road bitumen

  • Ensure year-round monitoring and visibility leveraging ToughEye™’s powerful thermal subsystem, allowing them to resist freezing even in the coldest environments on earth

Fly Ash, and Aggregate Loading Monitoring

Monitoring the loading operation is necessary to prevent instances of underloading, spillage or to detect carryback in the bed of the truck or train car. With ToughEye™, you can:

  • Avoid underloading or spillage by maintaining a clear view of the loading operation. Timing the loading operation can be inaccurate due to changes in flow rate

  • Detect material carryback on the bed of trucks - even in extremely dusty conditions found in fly ash loading

  • Reduce the need to dispatch personnel to hazardous locations for camera upkeep which could require respirators, cranes, manlifts, and could expose your workers to working at height, and confined space hazards

Equipment Safety

Construction equipment often has severely limited visibility due to their size and shape, and incidents can result in severe harm and/or damage. With ToughEye™, you can:

  • Provide crystal-clear vision of your equipment such as dozers, excavators, and graders, even in extremely dusty and high-impact environments

  • Eliminate the need to dispatch personnel for camera maintenance including manual cleaning and fluid top-ups

Ready for crystal-clear, constant vision of your operations With no required upkeep?