Bulk material handling certainly challenges cameras, as they are exposed to the dusty, corrosive and at times explosive environments. In many cases cameras are hard to reach, or doing so requires costly interruption to the operation.

ToughEye™ cameras are self-cleaning, standalone, and are designed for highly corrosive or explosive environments.

They bring visibility to your transfer points and chutes to see material build up ahead of time and prevent clogs, while providing clear visibility around your shiploaders and stacker/reclaimers to prevent incidents.

They also reduce the number of steps for your train car dumper carryback removal and they do so without adding to your maintenance effort.

Material chute clogging

  • Implement predictive maintenance for your chutes and material transfer points by clearly spotting and removing material buildup before it turns into a clog - our customers have achieved  60% reduction in downtime with zero camera upkeep

  • Eliminate “confined space” work by alleviating the need for your personnel to get into hazardous confined spaces for inspection

Stackers & reclaimers

Currently, the vantage point is often compromised because cameras need to be installed away from the point of interest to avoid dust and to allow easy access. ToughEye™ cameras are self-cleaning and require zero upkeep, which means:

  • Install at the optimal vantage point regardless of dust

  • Place in hard-to-access locations that were previously unavailable

shiploader operations

Cameras currently need to be installed away from the point of interest to avoid dust and allow easy access, but often this compromises the vantage point. ToughEye™ cameras are self-cleaning and require zero upkeep, so they can:

  • Prevent shiploader collision with the vessel and elevate safety through installation at the ideal vantage point

  • Allow operational continuity through reduced downtime

rotary car dumper Carryback Removal

ToughEye™ can significantly increase the efficiency of carryback removal because, unlike regular cameras, ToughEye™ can be installed looking up into the train car when the car is flipped.

  • Clearly identify carryback in the same step as dumping when the car is flipped

  • Remove carryback efficiently without the intermediate step of flipping the car back up for inspection

  • Install your camera where it gives you the optimal vantage points without worrying about access or keeping the camera clean

silo overfill

  • Reduce downtime and increase site safety

  • Retain clear vision even in dirty or dusty applications

  • Ensure peace of mind with a fail-safe solution in circumstances that cause sensors to malfunction

loading bay monitoring

  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce product loss

  • Overloading or under-loading leads to efficiency loss

  • Clear visual feedback allows optimal loading

Separating Personnel from Hazards

If cameras used for remote monitoring require in-person maintenance, then the site does not realize the full benefit of remote monitoring. ToughEye™ cameras:

  • Increase site safety with remote monitoring - no in-person upkeep required

  • Perform reliable remote inspection and separate your personnel from toxic environments (ex: lead/zinc/uranium), which would require breathing apparatus

  • Reduce confined space and at-height work for site personnel

Ready for crystal-clear, constant vision of your operations With no required upkeep?