Mining sites contain some of the most high-impact, hazardous environments known to operators where safety and efficiency are of the utmost importance.

Although perception sensors and AI technology are helpful, the need for clear and consistent true vision is critical to support them - especially as reliance on remote monitoring and autonomous equipment increases.

Our ToughEye™ cameras are designed specifically to withstand any mining site across numerous applications, making use of a patented self-cleaning technology that requires zero maintenance for the rated life of each product.

This avoids the need for costly downtime due to camera maintenance or lost vision, while ensuring the safety of personnel.

Haul Trucks

  • Ensure clear, consistent vision in any condition including mud, rain, and dust

  • Increase operational efficiency and safety by reducing truck collisions and damage to equipment, infrastructure, or personnel

  • Increase tire life by allowing drivers to spot and avoid driving over sharp boulders or objects

  • Protect the dump body by avoiding contact with the berm or shovel bucket

  • Provide visual assistance during spotting, especially when there is an interruption in communication between the dozer that is spotting and the truck driver

blast hole drills

For both open-pit and underground

  • Gain situational awareness that remains unaffected by extreme dust, mud, grease environment.

  • Prevent dropped steel (release of drill pipes without being fully threaded to the other)

  • Visually verify drill bit engagement with the ground without needing to open the hatch, especially when accurate GPS is not available

  • Maintain clear vision even in extreme high-impact drilling environments

Autonomous and Remote Equipment

  • Ensure clear, consistent visual verification of what the perception sensors detect as obstacles, avoiding the need to dispatch vehicles or personnel to verify

  • Increase the uptime of machinery by not requiring personnel to enter the autonomous zone for camera cleaning or inspection

  • Monitor haul road conditions remotely, especially useful in snow and ice conditions to determine the optimal time for dispatching graders, dozers or other vehicles

  • Verify the stability of autonomous equipment including the sliding of trucks

Material Transfer Point and Chute Monitoring

  • Implement predictive maintenance for your chutes and material transfer points by clearly seeing material buildup and impending clogs , therefore preventing blockage downtime from ever happening

  • Eliminate “confined space” work by alleviating the need for your personnel to get into hazardous confined spaces for inspection

Underground Load Haul Dumpers (LHD)

  • LHDs have severely limited vision, and operate in extremely dusty environments. Additionally, they operate in a high impact, shock and vibration environment - precisely the challenges that ToughEye™ cameras were designed to overcome

  • Gain situational awareness that not only maintains the same clarity from start of the shift to the end, but stays unchanged month over month

continuous miners

  • Stop worrying about accumulation of dust on the lens

  • Get a consistently clear view of the digging face, even in continuous dust

  • Install ToughEye™ much closer to your target, allowing it to see through less of a dust cloud and giving you a clearer view during uninterrupted digging

Bin and Silo Monitoring

Level sensors are prone to caking with material and malfunctioning, leading to overfilling. Regular cameras cannot be used in the extreme dusty environment found in silos.

  • ToughEye™ reduces downtime by providing visual verification as a layer of redundancy, even when the level sensors are malfunctioning

  • ToughEye™ improves the safety of your personnel and equipment by avoiding the dangers of overfilling

Ready for crystal-clear, constant vision of your operations With no required upkeep?