Camera vision is increasingly becoming a critical type of sensor for machine vision and the autonomous revolution.

Their use includes applications such as collision avoidance, navigation, and more. Whether the application is fully autonomous or guides to the operator, the reliability of camera vision is extremely important.

However, camera vision can be compromised in an instance by a splash of mud/bitumen, rain water and many other contaminants. Our ToughEye™ cameras are effective against a wide range of contaminants and do not need pumps, hoses, or fluid tanks to self-clean.

This increases reliability, eliminates maintenance, reduces weight, and reduces required volume.

We are experienced and agile in developing custom products as per your requirements and are capable of miniaturizing hardware.

We have developed a variety of designs, which are not public on our website. So if you don't see a design that is suitable to your application, please talk to our team.

Ready for crystal-clear, constant vision of your operations With no required upkeep?