Golareh Habibi

Co-Founder-Director of Business Development and Marketing

Golareh has more than 15 years of experience which includes: program management, quality and process improvement, impact assessment, program evaluation, and marketing.

Prior to ExcelSense Golareh worked in multiple capacities across industries such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, and technology. Golareh joined ExcelSense in 2014 as a senior consultant for technology impact assessment. As of 2016 Golareh also supported ExcelSense in marketing and strategic planning.

In 2019, Golareh started serving as Director of Marketing where she brings her evaluation lens to all the marketing strategies and activities.

Golareh holds Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from University of British Columbia, a second master’s degree in Population and Public Health from Simon Fraser University. Golareh also holds Credentialed Evaluator (CE) destination.

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