Nima Nabavi

Founder & CEO

Nima has over 15 years of experience in technology and operational leadership, vision hardware design, industrial innovation, and commercialization.

Nima founded ExcelSense Technologies in 2014 with the specific focus of developing maintenance-free self-cleaning optics such as cameras and laser sensors to bring consistent reliability to safety and control systems on autonomous, remote-controlled, and conventional heavy equipment.

Prior to ExcelSense, he was engaged in design, development, commercialization, and management of vision-based hardware for the open-pit mining industry, which included radar- and camera-based collision avoidance systems for mining shovels, vision-based collision avoidance system for a robotic arm, and sensor system for conveyor belt analysis.

Nima is a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) and holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Electro-Mechanical engineering from the University of British Columbia. Nima has been successfully granted several patents.

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