Minister Brenda Bailey and MLA Singh Visit ExcelSense Technologies in Richmond

February 16, 2024
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On January 30th, 2024, ExcelSense Technologies had the honor of hosting Minister Brenda Bailey, Minister of Jobs, Economic Development, and Innovation, and MLA Aman Singh, Member of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia for Richmond-Queensborough, at their cutting-edge facility in Richmond. The visit provided a unique opportunity for the ExcelSense Team to showcase their technology, R&D facility, and manufacturing processes, along with their plans for rapid expansion. This visit also served as a powerful testament to the commitment of our leaders to innovation in BC and the people of British Columbia. 

Minister Brenda Bailey, as the Minister of Jobs, Economic Development, and Innovation, is committed to fostering growth and innovation within British Columbia’s tech sector. Minister Bailey’s provincial plan includes supporting local businesses, creating jobs, and driving economic prosperity through technology and innovation. ExcelSense Technologies exemplifies the spirit of innovation and growth. As a trailblazing tech company, it has developed numerous patented technologies, which it uses to design and manufacture self-cleaning cameras and sensors. These cutting-edge products are a game-changer for industrial and passenger vehicle makers, enhancing safety, efficiency, and productivity. ExcelSense’s commitment to designing, producing, and distributing these technologies within Richmond perfectly aligns with Minister Bailey’s vision for a thriving tech ecosystem in British Columbia.

ExcelSense’s presence in Richmond significantly contributes to the local economy. By keeping not only R&D, design, and production within the province, it creates jobs and stimulates economic growth. The majority of the company’s production is exported to countries like the USA, Japan, and Australia, demonstrating its global competitiveness and positive impact on British Columbia’s trade relations. ExcelSense Technologies is determined to continue its rapid growth and has ambitious plans for expansion. As it grows, it will continue to create employment opportunities for British Columbians.

Minister Bailey’s encouragement and support empower companies like ExcelSense to thrive, innovate, and play a vital role in contributing to the prosperity of our province.

🔍 Minister Bailey’s Social Media Post:

“Such a treat to spend some time with @amansinghbc & breakout BC tech company @excelsense in #Richmond. Their patented self-cleaning cameras & sensors are a game-changer for industrial vehicle makers. Designed, produced & distributed all in #Richmond—keep up the good work!”

🙌 ExcelSense’s Instagram Comment:

“What an honor to have the opportunity to meet with Honorable Minister @brendabailey.bc and #Richmond MLA @amansinghbc and Mr. @kenton_duncan today. It was an amazing experience for the entire ExcelSense Team to share our technology at our #Richmond facility. How lucky are we to have seasoned leaders like Honorable Minister @brendabailey.bc and MLA @amansinghbc who are genuinely invested in supporting the growth and progress of the tech industry in #BritishColumbia.”

ExcelSense Technologies continues to drive innovation, create jobs, and contribute to the thriving tech ecosystem in British Columbia. 🚀🇨🇦

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