self-cleaning camera

Certified for hazardous locations, Class I, Div 2, and Class II, Div 1 explosive dusts and explosive gases environments with a zero-maintenance design, ideal for installations where the lens can be retracted when not needed to increase survivability

Clear Vision against contaminants

Self-cleans using a patented process that actively rejects abrasive dust, bitumen, mud, oil, and many other contaminants using a micro-renewable optical layer in only 6 seconds

no upkeep or vulnerable parts

Single-piece design contains no vulnerable external hardware such as nozzles, hoses, compressors, and wipers which could fail or require upkeep and fluid top ups

RUGGED and ready for all conditions

The 3100's aerospace alloy construction can withstand high-impact and harsh industrial environments including extreme temperatures, corrosion, impact, vibration, and shock

Retractable Lens for Longevity

The unique retractable lens can increase the product lifetime while protecting it in high-impact situations where constant vision is not necessary

certified for explosive environments

Certified for hazardous locations, Class I, Div 2, and Class II, Div 1 explosive dusts and explosive gases environments


  • Cleaning Cycles:
    60,000 or 90,000

  • Temperature Range:
    Standard 5˚to 50˚C or Extreme -40˚ to 50˚C

  • Integrated Lighting:
    Infrared 15m Range or Visible 5m Range

  • View Angle:
    Wide 120˚or Narrow 84˚

  • Corrosion Resistance:
    Standard or High

  • Hazardous Rating:
    Non-Hazardous or Class I, Div 2 (Flammable Gases and Vapors) and Class II, Div 1 (Combustible Dust)

FCC Certified

Fast Shipping Available

Patented Technology from Canada

2 Year or Cycle Rating Warranty

purpose-built for your industry

From heavy-duty mining sites through to remote and autonomous operations, the ToughEye-3100™ self-cleaning camera is ready for anything you throw at it.

What our customers are saying

"The ToughEye™ fills an important need for our mining clients who require maintenance-free optical sensors for very harsh environments, especially in Australia where temperatures can easily reach 55+ Degrees C. In this respect the ToughEye™ has been a great addition to the RCT family of products and the ExcelSense team has been great to work with for both product and sales support"
Brendon Cullen
Product Manager Automation & Control, RCT
"The ToughEye™ has been instrumental in providing an always clear view when operating our shiploaders handling steelmaking coal and potash.  These allow us the ability to reduce the potential of asset damage, both on the our assets and the ship itself.  We are looking forward to adding more ToughEye™ at our terminal, enabling us optimize our material handling processes."
Clinton Shaw
Assistant Maintenance Manager, neptune terminals
"With the push towards industrial automation, we see an increasing need for remote cameras and sensors in rugged industrial environments. The challenge has always been that sensors deployed in dirty environments required frequent human intervention, limiting their usability. We view the ToughEye™ as truly the first of its kind technology that is designed specifically to address this issue which will immediately create value for our customers across several mining applications"
Jim Brasset
Ensol Systems

Ready for crystal-clear, constant vision of your operations With no required upkeep?