SensorShield-1600™ featured in CIM Magazine

June 24, 2022
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After having a successful event at CIM 2022 at the Vancouver Convention Centre, CIM Magazine featured one of ExcelSense's newest launches, the SensorShield-1600™ in their latest issue under the 'Tools of the Trade' section.

'Take away the need to perform manual maintenance and cleaning throughout the estimated ten years of the SensorShield-1600™’s lifetime', a snippet from the article from CIM Magazine talking about one of ExcelSense's SensorShield-1600™. While the print version ships starting July 1st, click below to read the full article online.

SensorShield-1600™ helps you turn your existing optical sensor into a self-cleaning one. The SensorShield-1600™ is custom-designed to provide flexibility and convenience to system integrators and manufacturers, allowing you to quickly develop a wide range of rugged self-cleaning optical sensors like cameras and laser sensors.

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